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General Counsel

As general counsel it’s not just about being an attorney, it’s more important to be an advisor. 

Service overview

Its about helping the client achieve its overall goal of increasing organizational efficiency and achievement of business objectives in a manner that minimizes legal risk.  Since 2005 Adam has acted as outside general counsel for companies, big and small, advising them of business, risk management and litigation strategies. He provides companies with legal and business advice in a cost effective manner that improves company productivity. 

Adam looks at the big picture and focuses on finding solutions to his clients’ problems.  He is responsive and accessible, working tirelessly to achieve their objectives within the available financial and judicial parameters. Be it through mediation, arbitration, summary judgment or trial, he streamlines the process of issue identification, allowing him to quickly recommend workable and effective strategies. 


As general counsel his scope of work has included:

  1. Advising management, human resources, and other personnel regarding relevant legal matters, employment law issues, including performance management and discipline, discrimination, harassment and other employment-related complaints, employment policies, leaves of absence and accommodation requests, and employment-related aspects of corporate transactions.
  2. Working in conjunction with others within and outside of the company on company related matters.
  3. Overseeing and conducting internal investigations of employment-related and other types of claims.
  4. Advising management regarding the negotiation of disputes, mediation and litigation of employment contract and employment law-related claims.
  5. Overseeing CGL and workers compensation litigation.
  6. Reviewing, preparing and managing corporate documents and contracts, employment agreements, corporate policies and procedures, employee manuals, negotiation and preparation of employment agreements, negotiation and preparation of termination agreements
  7. Reviewing and overseeing of Risk Management departments, policies and practices.
  8. Overseeing insurance acquisition and renewal including CGL and workers compensation.
  9. Litigating/defending against unemployment insurance and Department of Homeland Security (I-9) claims.
  10. Enforcement of collection actions, liens and bond claims.
  11. Monitoring federal, state, and local legal developments and advice on compliance with same.
  12. Assisting in the implementation of effective document management and compliance processes.
  13. Supporting the client’s overall goal of increasing organizational efficiency and achievement of business objectives in a manner that minimizes legal risk.

Companies are not in the litigation business and don’t generate revenue by being in court.  You focus on generating revenue and let us help you with your legal advisory needs.