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Filing of Amended Complaint by a Commercial Pool Contractor Accepted by Court

June 29, 2018

Raleigh, NC (August 1, 2016) – The Court accepted the filing of an amended complaint today by a commercial pool subcontractor alleging fraud and misrepresentation on the part of the project’s general contractor.  The lawsuit on behalf of Dillon Pools, Inc., a South Florida commercial pool contractor, filed in the Circuit Court of Miami-Dade County, Florida names Lunacon Engineering Group, Inc. as a defendant.

Dillon Pools alleges that following its signing of a subcontract agreement for the project and prior to the general contractor countersigning it, the defendant contacted the client’s sub-subcontractor, interfered with its business relationship and modified the scope of services to be provided leaving the client with the obligation to perform work and no one to do it.  The contractor failed to tell the client, which resulted in it having to perform the subject work. The client seeks damages for, among other things, the value of the labor, services and materials provided.

The suit was filed by attorney Adam Neijna, of the Law Offices of Adam Neijna., who acts in the capacity of general and trial counsel on behalf of the company.  Dillon Pools has been in operation since 2005 and is considered one of the largest commercial pool contractor’s in South Florida.


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